Battoman Light Novel part Two

The farmers worked tirelessly cutting down sugarcane in the noble hope of bringing a little sweetness into the world. The cows on the island were always well fed and the milk they produced was never sour, it was white and clean like the petals on a vanilla bean plant. Root Beer Islands entire economy restedContinue reading “Battoman Light Novel part Two”

Snow White and the Seven Minutes it took me to drink this 🤢🤮

Recipe 1. 7up or Sprite 2. Vanilla Ice Cream 3. Whipped Cream 4. Maraschino Cherry 5. A Fancy Glass

Battoman Light Novel

As you know Battoman was originally intentionally supposed to be a video game, but it eventually became a comic book, before that, however, I tried my hand at making it a light novel. Ultimately I chose the comic book format because I felt that Battoman was such a visual story. Here is the attempt toContinue reading “Battoman Light Novel”